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Business card scanning software: Snap App from Infusionsoft

Snap App mobile business card scanning software

Business card scanning software that proactively follows up with prospects

Many people go in search of business card scanning software thinking they need a tool to convert their business cards into contact records in their CRM system.  That’s 20% of the battle but the real need is to automate the followup activities and actually do something useful with the card data. The mobile Snap App by Infusionsoft for iPhone and Android does exactly this.  Here’s why this may be the killer app for conference goers and hardcore networkers.

Not just a transcription, a transformation in how you’ll follow up with contacts

Purchase Infusionsoft via Grid7 and get the business card scanning software in this video configured for free.

Purchase Infusionsoft via Grid7 and get the software in this video configured for free.

Much like Cardmunch the Snap App has a simple, intuitive UI for quickly snapping a photo of a business card and turning it into accurate, human-curated digital data.  Unlike Cardmunch however, it has direct integration with Infusionsoft (a powerful sales & marketing automation service that kicks off automated marketing activities using the card data).  Using Snap you can be on a tradeshow floor exchanging cards and minutes later initiate a whole automated “decision tree” of intelligent followup based on what you want to have happen for the recipient.  To demonstrate this  I’ve recorded a video below that shows the following:

  • Scan a new card obtained at a breakfast networking event
  • Append a brief personal note and initiate an email that invites recipient to self-book a followup call
  • Track the recipient’s response so additional actions can be take selectively (ie. salvage a partially-completed attempt to book a call or send out a post card via snail mail if no reciprocal contact is made within two weeks of receiving the email solicitation).

This is the power of an automated marketing machine like Infusionsoft when combined with a slick, simple-to-use card scanning mobile app.  Watch the video below to see exactly how this flow works:

If you’d like to get this same automated followup capability for your own company and you don’t currently have Infusionsoft purchase here using the discount code in the above banner. If you already have Infusionsoft you can have us create this campaign and configure your Snap App integration for $400.

See what else we can do to automate your business by completing our complementary online assessment.

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Lindsay Bayuk

Fantastic review of Snap and great video. Thanks for sharing Sean!

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Cory Fetter

Love the review and the very easy to follow video. Great!

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