Metrics for Startups: Sean’s “Track What Matters” talk for Startup Lisboa

Obsessing over the right metrics in the right order as your startup grows is key. Getting derailed by vanity metrics early on can lead you on a goose chase of frustration. This is a talk I gave for Startup Lisboa’sStart to Table” program participants last week on how to tackle this important task. The talk begins at the 4:00 mark and ends at 43:00. If you play it at 2x chipmunk speed you can ingest the whole thing in 20min:

Here are the slides:

Here is the example funnel metrics Google Sheet referenced in the talk. If you have time this video from Y Combinator Startup School is a good primer to watch to set the stage on why this stuff is important before watching my talk on how to do it:

And for that matter if you’re doing a startup I recommend you join both of these free educational programs:

  • Y Combinator Startup School is a comprehensive program from Silicon Valley’s most successful incubator. It has a ton of great content and instruction and is split into two tracks: one for founders actively building their startup and one for pre-startup founders who are planning to eventually leave a full-time job to pursue their venture.
  • Steve Blank’s Udacity course on how to build a startup teaches the essence of the Customer Development process from Four Steps to The Epiphany as well as the Business Model Canvas for de-risking your model. You’ll learn how to get out of the building and conduct proper customer discovery and then systematically work through your BMC to arrive at a viable model.

Any questions feel free to post comments here. If you are a Startup Lisboa company I am the Entrepreneur in Residence for the rest of 2020 and you can ask internally for my booking link to schedule time with me.

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