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Nocode is revolutionary. It democratizes access to enable more people to create software. This is exciting because it means people with big ideas but without deep pockets to hire software developers can now build software applications self-serve without an intermediary.

Yesterday we held the first meeting of Nocode Lisboa here in Lisbon. This is a group I started to help inspire and teach people nocode tools. Tonya of Pronocoders gave us an introduction to You can see a recording of the entire meeting below. Skip to the 31:00 mark if you want to see Tonya do 8 minutes of “improv app building.” She asks the question “what should we build?” and watch what ensues:

I have used Bubble to build Problemattic from scratch over the course of the past four months and can attest that it’s the best tool I’ve used thus far. It has more of a learning curve than Adalo but it’s unbounded in terms of what it can do.

We’re going to be doing these meetups monthly on the first Wednesday of the month going forward and will plan to livestream all meetings via zoom as we did this one. Feel free to join our meetup and suggest/upvote topics of future events via our proposed meeting topics board.

I recently did a 5min talk for Lisbon Lightning talks and nocode was one of three “force multipliers” that I believe is the most powerful thing one can learn:

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