Apply to the Grid7 Venture Catalyst Program

Thanks for your interest in working with me.

I’m doing infrequent but active angel investing now where I work closely with founders to help amplify their effectiveness. If you’d like to pitch me on your startup fill out the application below (takes about 10min). The investment criteria that make good candidates for me are:

  • Real product in-market with revenue (however small).
  • Scrappy, coachable founders with high integrity.
  • Believable path for how this becomes an important force.

I’m most interested in companies in the following spaces: martech, biosciences, wearables, quantified self, sales/CRM, automation, nocode, machine learning, developer tools and B2C SaaS. Not interested in enterprise products.

You can read more about me and what I do on my personal blog here.
When you’re ready to apply complete the application below. If you’ve applied to YC (and you should) you can cut/paste much of your application: